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EXHIBITOR ALERT: Beware of Exhibition Directory Scams

Please note that VisitScotland has no association with Expo-Guide, Fairguide or International Trade Fairs, websites listing events and organisers from around the world. We also have no affiliation with any other listing company who might contact you.

VisitScotland has reason to believe that the above companies are targeting our exhibitors to purchase a three-year commitment of advertising that is cleverly disguised as an offer of a free directory listing. These companies contact Exhibitors by mail, prominently displaying the name of the show attended by the Exhibitors and using the name of VisitScotland/Scottish Tourist Board. The mailing asks Exhibitors to send the form back to confirm that their details are correct. By signing the form the Exhibitor is committing to a full sized listing at a cost shown in small print, for three years or more, if no notice of cancellation is given within 10 days of the form being returned by the Exhibitor. This wording is contained in small print on the form and should be read carefully.

If you happen to have been caught out by the scam do not respond and do not pay. The scam companies will threaten legal action but these threats are idle and nobody has ever been taken to court by them.

Kindly note that entries and advertising in VisitScotland Expo Official Showguide can only be placed by booking through VisitScotland Expo website directly.

To download a sample copy of letters and form click below.

International Trade Fairs

It is important that any organisation that feels it was mislead by any of the above companies into signing a contract notifies them immediately. Please visit the following website for further information and next steps http://www.aeo.org.uk/expoguide
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Exhibitor Profile
The Mountain Men Ltd
Exhibitor ImageThe Mountain Men Ltd provide a unique opportunity in Scotland with our all inclusive wild camp tour. The Scottish Experience is a mystery tour, a magical tour and will showcase Scotland up close and personal.

The tour will take our guests to an undisclosed location where a prepared campsite awaits. On route they will visit places of interest and get to see Scotland and her natural beauty.

Catering to individual, families, groups and or business clients we will cater an experience sure to be remembered for a long time to come.

Founded by Richard Nash an ex infantry soldier The Mountain Men have a wealth of experience in the great outdoors and live and work to the principles of leave no trace.
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